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My name is Bindu and I have been interested in arts & crafts, all my life...I love to make flowers, whether they are paper flowers, clay flowers or just grow real flowers !! I also paint when time permits and teach several art & craft classes in the neighborhood. I am a Deco Certified Instructor and have been making flowers out of clay and paper for the last several years.

You can contact me at info@flowerbazaar.net 


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DECO Clay Certification Classes

What is Deco Clay

What  Do I Teach


New type of non-toxic clay that is light weight, smooth and pliable. Unlike other clays that need to be baked in an oven,  ClayCraft™ by DECO© Soft Clay will air dry to a firm consistency in 24 hours.



• Curriculum I and II DECO  clay flower making  classes

• Tropical Flower courses

• Discovery classes to introduce you to deco clay

• Private individual and group classes

• Custom made floral arrangements, Bouquets, special occasion
   gifts and more

• Wedding flowers, bouquets,  boutonnières, figurines, etc



Deco clay certification classes will teach you the skills necessary to create unique works of art using ClayCraft™ by DECO® Soft Clay


There are three  courses:

Curriculum   I                     : 10 projects

Curriculum  II                    : 10 projects

Tropical Flower Course  : 10 projects


 Each project is designed in such a way that you will  progressively master the techniques to create realistic and lifelike flowers. Upon enrollment, students are issued their own personal textbook issued by Deco Clay Academy.


Curriculum  III:  This is an advanced Curriculum is also offered for those who wish to become a certified instructor of DECO Clay Craft Academy. Upon completion of requirements students are offered the opportunity to offer classes of their own.


Each class is for two hours with a maximum of five students in each class, which allows students plenty of time to interact with the teacher. Private classes are also offered on special appointment.


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