Fall is here….

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Love the Fall Colors..The shedding of the leaves during the months of October-November is preceded by a spectacular color show.. A mixture of Yellow,Gold,Orange,Red,brown and may be a few Greens…

My clay flower wreath in autumn colors…

Paper Flowers bring comfort to Patient in Hospital

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Few days back a customer wanted to send some of  my  Paper Hibiscus flowers to a  friend of hers in hospital . This patient cannot recieve any fresh flowers or fruits because of his compromised immune system . It is heartening to know that the paper flowers could cheer an ailing patient….

Coffee Filter Roses

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Past few weeks had been really busy..making clay flowers for my Deco clay  classes , making coffee filter roses for a customer and started the craft classes for kids..

Claycraft by Deco —C2 curriculum is mainly about learning the arrangement composition and for each arrangement I had to make quite a few flowers.I actually lost count of how many Roses and Daisies I made to complete the Topiary . For the vase arrangement I made Peonies, Roses ,Daisies and Tuberose buds.I will post the pictures soon.

A customer who was happy with the samples she ordered from me wanted 10 of the largest Hot Pink coffee filter roses,each 8 inches across ..am glad she liked it.

Received an Etsy convo enquiring about the coffee filter roses made into a bouquet for a wedding and she wanted samples of all white Coffee filter rose and white rose with blue edges.Hope she  likes  the roses.

Happy 4th of July !

Clay Flower Arrangement

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Here is the clay flower arrangement I made for my friend’s Birthday.It consists of few yellow roses,Hydrangea and Stephanotis.


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Today I made Daisies in few different colors and couple of English Roses.Now I think Iam getting better making Roses .Even after making more than 15 -20 roses,still I have not made a Rose that I truly like.

Claycraft by Deco

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I was so excited this morning that I would get 4 hrs to  work with clay and also that I would be making a Teddy bear.Was not sure how it would turn out but am happy with the final outcome. Not bad for a first try.The Daffodils also came out well but I think I need more practice making Daisies. I am getting addicted to this clay.Kneading the clay and then rolling into tiny balls and making petals and forming each flower. Looks like I can use any number of hours  making flowers…

Deco Clay flower Pictures

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Here are the pictures of two projects made of Deco clay.  One is a mirror surrounded by light pink roses and light yellow cherry blossoms.

The other is a wreath with roses and shells, even the wreath is made of clay.I wish I had chosen another color for the wreath.

Deco clay

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Started with a new project…Deco clay flowers.I have been thinking of this for months and finally got started.Wonderful material to work with.

Quilled Card

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Made a card with quilled flowers..Also found another pupose for coffee filters…to make roses :)

Welcome to My Blog !

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Welcome to my blog! Today, I launched my site !! …finally!! I never thought I could really spend time on things which I love most in my life, much less publishing a site…As an added  bonus, today, I sold my first flower online!!